age forty​-​one (winter's over, the heat is coming)

by sweater mouth

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Trace Ramsey is an author out of Durham, NC. He's working on a crowdfunding campaign to get his next book of creative nonfiction, All I Want to Do is Live, out into the world. The lyrics for this track are from//inspired by the first piece, age forty-one, in his zine Quitter Ten. If you're interested in learning more about Trace, his upcoming book, and how you can help him get it published go here:


low fog and the front yard
is a mix of glitter and glass
the street is quiet
the furnace hums below, floor growling with warm air

kristin and tennessee
munch french toast at the table
talk about sticky syrup
and butter melting fast on their plates
tennessee giggles
mouth filled to the brim with warm bread

look outside see the first fledgling
house sparrows clumsy in the clover
their parents fly near with food
young mouths open like a fish about to snatch

springtime, our feet are always dirty
track soil, saw dust, and mulch
trails of our big days
run circles in the house
screen door squeaks and bangs in a loop
flies and bees follow in and out

thank god winter’s over
when it’s dark and all the spider webs are gone
when the fat roaches that pop under foot
are long hid-away or fast asleep

and soon the heat is coming
the kind that’ll make us wish it was winter all over again
lend me an icicle to rub on my forehead
when the sun is high and relentless
a wash of humidity when the world is
leafless, the sun small and cold


released December 6, 2016
Trace Ramsey for the lyrics//inspiration
Adam Gnade for asking me to do this




sweater mouth South Carolina

grace glasson is farming in rural new hampshire but her heart also comes from beaufort, sc and lewiston, me. she spends a lot of time buggin out and is usually hugging her dog, rooster. xoxo

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